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Am hating this….

Seriously, I don’t know how it feels to be in love. I have labelled myself as “in a relationship” or precisely you can say, “I am in love”. And guess what, am feeling it is worst of thing. Suddenly, I am feeling to have so much expectations from someone. And I have started behaving like a typical girl. I am fighting for not calling me, for not giving me attention, when he is spending so much time with friends, when he is chatting with someone and not replying me. I am feeling dam insecure and more of it scared. After having in relationship, I don’t know what actually I want from someone. He is arguing with me saying that he thought I was different. And I am just like another girl. Aren’t girls want to be the most important part of someone’s life? And if they are, why it is not shown to them?


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