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zindagi tum meri…..

  meri aankho se dekho
  meri nazro se jano
  tum mala hum moti
  hum deepak tum jyoti
  ye naina ye kajal, ye julfe ye aanchal
  khoobsurat si ho tum ghazal
  kabhi dil ho, kabhi dhadkan, 
  kabhi shola, kabhi shabnam
  tum hi ho tum meri humdum
  zindagi tum meri, meri tum zindagi

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And what about those desires that creeps into your heart when you sleep

With morning sun-rays, they then dance with every thought in your mind

and sometime in just a blink, they lock themselves in deserted heart corner

as if they are naked and don’t want to be seen by those strange alien eyes

Sometimes these desires make you to mingle with sane dirt

And wants you to fly above as if they are in love with colors of rainbow

They see themselves in sparkling reflections of dew drops

And wants you to grab love of every sunshine

And again in night when you go to sleep

These desires makes you to realize

“you still breathe”


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And when I imagine myself lying dead

sleeping forver

with silken feathery cushy earth

and those grasses over me

dancing with my rhythmic soul

How I miss then

all those forgotten songs that I can’t sing


all those words that I still want to hear again and again

Soothing tree shade makes no sense


dance of first rain seems to have lost in transparent drops

All I see is painted in vacuumed black

and color blindly appears to be meaningless sinister

I wonder

How it feels not to feel happiness

and pain of abundant zillion tears

I, a sleeping forever soul, thinks

how to love you when I die

and how can I give my touch and feel


wait for me!

I want to live here, may be forever

Sometimes I wonder…..

God must have loved so many things when He created the universe

And I just wish if I could find them in Heaven too!

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Flood (Haiku)

Why you always cry on my shoulder

flooding the deep desires of your mind on my soul

Go, get your own handkerchief!


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