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Somewhere in our life
when my sun will see his shadow
his rays will come to sleep in my eyes
with me singing lullaby for them
I will spread then
all the twinkles of my eyes
with my black hidden mascara
on your way
and with my hand in your hand
we both will take a step towards
what they call

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Can anyone talk to me?

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There you stand silently

when breeze cuddle silently in your blossoms

and leaves whisper about your love with me

your shade embraces my shadow

when I walk besides you

but I always found me watching my chained steps

not bothering about the shade but of summer sun

But yesterday my step spoke to me

about your fallen blossom on road

And then I looked up

and saw your zillion blossoms

and all unknown blessings that you hold for me

I wondered as to why I had stuffed my ears with silence

when everyday you are singing lullaby for me

I had locked my window when someone was knocking

and had killed my God when he came to see me

Finally I realized

everything in wholeness is simply so happy

me standing with a happy soul

and you admiring my happiness


~Inspired by my tree, under whose shade I stand waiting for rick while going to office. I am in love with that tree!

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Last night I couldn’t sleep and whenever I was trying to close my eyes some strange feeling was circling my heart, my body….hmm….and may be my soul also. My soul was floating inside my body. As if a layer of sensational energy is created inside me and it is floating. And then I felt my soul (or may be my body…I am not so sure) contracting and in this contraction I saw my expansion.

Yeah, I know I am sounding like a complete frantic insane girl!

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Invisible me!

Some people are too good to make you invisible in the crowd.

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