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Purple and ME

  • The book that is in my hand is “The Color Purple”
  • Today I am wearing a purple dress.
  • My wallet color is purple.
  • My friend just pinged me and she has the purple font color.
  • My blog name is “Purple Drizzle”
  • I just watched the movie “The color Purple”
  • All I could see are purple flowers from my window.
  • I have purple sketch pen today in my hand.

I am in love with this purple color! ūüôā


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Moon touched by a flower…….

I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet,
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams (W.B. Yeats)

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Can you scent the heartbeats

when rainbow hugs the horizon

with tears in twinkling eyes of sky

Barefoot I dance then with my fairy

and lay my steps on those July clouds

that indigo color tells me then

that his dusk sky is secretly painted for me

just I need to unfold story of some deepest secret

violet color comes to melt love of those mocking wounds

saying God’s innocence is not separated from love

but sings and dances in happiness on your lips

blue holds my hand and takes me deep inside

I lay there then in my heart with my heartbeats

and I sit besides with a wish, a wish to see eyes of blue

green fascinates me to give my own meaning to life

to see without my eyes and to shape all the sounds

and to sense everything without my confined senses

yellow dances with me with all forgettable memories

making me to forget what is happening, what was found

or might have been lost in mysterious second of time

orange silently sits with me on seashore

and I feel she is taking care of my still unborn buds

that cloaks all joy of flaws in brilliant perfection

And finally when I want to close my eyes

Red silently keeps blood soluble death near my life

paying homage to heart and for every moment lived

And in the end……

When I again see rainbow hugging the horizon,

I realizes…..

“I am now another color of rainbow being hugged by horizon”

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Sometime I feel to define some relationship which is beyond any definition, which is not confined as to what we all look into a relationship. And in this try, I always land-up in losing the relationship, the relationship goes from my life even before I could understand it. I have told him so many times that the way I feel comfortable to share everything about me, I have never felt with anyone. I shared so many things and felt so secure with him. I don’t know if it was love or what. The way pearl must have felt inside its shell, I felt the same with him. And now suddenly, in just a click he is gone. It is not that I wanted to spend my full life with him, but after all the time that we have spent together, I can expect him to be with me as a friend. And my¬†expectation¬†is standing alone, ready to fall without any hope. He is gone finally. He is bounded by¬†someone¬†else not to create or define any relationship that can have no definition. And that someone may be bounded by someone else. A never ending circle!

It is one of those days that you scan your friend list and there is no-one to talk. And then your want to see that far, so far where may be someone’s eyes can meet your longing. You then sleep with a wish! :

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unlike her quiet silent morning song

this morning

the rain came with lyrical spring song

full of those gusty innocent smiles

and every tear like a bubble vanished

as if her life started loving rain even more

she carried each rain drop with perfection

and kept in her asylum of cloudy heart

not always you live for big things in life

but for the smallest thing

like for a rain drop

and to feel the greatest glory of God

and in the end

when purple melancholy was broken

with bright perfect love of sunshine

every rain drop in her heart

wrapped itself so perfectly

that it seemed

nothing has even been touched by her heartbeats


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